Our digital workflow system

The use of PDF (portable document format) files has changed the way we communicate with our customers in recent years. Most of the proofs that once would have gone via snail-mail are now converted into PDFs and sent by email, reducing approval and sign-off times from days to hours, or less on many occasions. A digital technology that really works for us!

This program is available free from Adobe at www.adobe.com/acrobat If you want to know more about electronic proofing, please call Graeme Barker on 01429 267849 or email enquiries@atkinsonprint.co.uk

PDFs, which are completely compatible with both PC and Macintosh operating systems, can also be used as files to originate print if they are generated in the correct way through Acrobat Distiller which is a stand alone software program that "distills" an EPS or PostScript file into a PDF file.

It allows you to embed the fonts, which is one of the most common problems areas associated with graphic files. If you have the full Acrobat 6 program we can advise you on the correct preferences to use to get you files to press and the problems to avoid.

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